Attending Physician
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Attending Physician by Vivienne Hartt Quinn

A chance collision. A burgeoning romance. A startling twist. Psychologist Verity Spencer spends her days supporting her clients, so when a surrogate daughter goes into labor, she’s the stand-in mama in the room. On a momentary reprieve, so exhausted she can’t see straight, Verity crashes nose-first into the sternum of hot butch OB/GYN Dr. Raven Lange, on her own second 18-hour shift. Despite their fatigue, sparks fly. Flowers. A date. A date cancelled. When they finally connect in person, it doesn’t take long for them to fall head over heels—and boots. Their relationship quickly moves in the right direction as Verity meets Raven’s toddler, but their bliss hits a roadblock when a client’s boyfriend does the unthinkable. Will Raven’s Butch Brigade take matters into their own hands or will Verity be permanently scarred by trauma?
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