Artistic Freedom: Brielle & Rand

Artistic Freedom: Brielle & Rand by Gracie C. McKeever

Artistic Freedom: Brielle & Rand (Muses 1) – New Adult Erotic Romance (Interracial Romance, BDSM, Bondage) It takes a strong woman to bring a man to heel… After a years’-long dry-spell comprising desultory, vanilla sex, divorcee and artist’s model Brielle Rice rediscovers the joys of domination and power exchange when she meets cheeky wannabe sub, Rand Cabot. Despite Rand’s lack of experience with the Life, Brielle finds the younger man’s advances irresistible and agrees to a “private” sitting for the aspiring artist. Before the mismatched pair can get down to the business of painting, however, Brielle puts Rand through his paces in the bedroom, testing his resolve to take orders from a woman. It takes a strong man to submit to a woman… Over-privileged college student and painter Rand has never met a woman as alluring and assertive as Brielle. He believes his attraction to her is more than her age and experience and is determined to get past the racial and class barriers between them to the woman he knows can fulfill his passion far beyond paint and canvas. Small Age Gap, FemDom
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