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Angus by Anita Clenney

Highland Warrior Angus Connor lives in a world filled with danger and mystery, but the secret he's just discovered could destroy the woman he loves and stretch the boundaries of time. While searching for a legendary warrior rumored to be trapped in a time vault for over a century, this modern day Scottish highlander stumbles upon an ancient plot to betray the Connor Clan. Angus isn't sure who he can trust, except his best friend Anna, the beautiful warrior he secretly loves. But when he goes to ask for her help, he sees her with another man. Blinded by jealousy and regret, Angus leaves Scotland to begin his quest. As he searches for the lost time vault, and tries to expose the traitor, he uncovers a terrible secret about Anna's past. If he tells her, it will break her heart. If he keeps silent, he'll betray her trust. Before he can decide which to do, he makes the most shocking discovery of his life, and he's forced to battle an ancient demon who wants the time vault and the warrior for his own evil schemes . Connor Clan Highland Warrior series Awaken the Highland Warrior – Book 1 Embrace the Highland Warrior – Book 2 Heart of a Highland Warrior – Book 3 Faelan: A Highland Warrior Brief – Book 1.5 Angus: A Highland Warrior Brief – Book 2.5 Jamie: A Highland Warrior Brief – Book 2.75 Connor Clan Christmas: A Highland Warrior Brief – Book 3.5
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