An Improper Agreement
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An Improper Agreement by Audra Wells

She refused to meet his eye, but he heard her quiet words, ground out behind clenched teeth. “I accept, Lord Eaton. And I plan to win.” Clara has been missing from the London marriage mart for six years and is reluctant to return. That feeling only grows when she happens to meet Lord Eaton—a rather arrogant, proud earl who vexes her from the moment they first meet. Not wanting to allow herself to be put down by a pompous, self-righteous man, she agrees to the silly game he proposes. The first to make the better match by the end of the season . . . wins. Wesley had not intended to meet Miss Carrow in the hedge maze in the dark of night—but that is precisely what happened. He can’t help but get a rise out of her when he finds that she is entirely too entertaining to tease. Now, they are stuck in a cut-throat competition to see who can land the better match by the end of the season. There are no rules in their secret game—a fact that Wesley overlooked when proposing the idea. Now his plan to pursue the daughter of a duke is quickly crumbling before his very eyes . . . and not just because of Miss Carrow’s meddling. Miss Carrow herself begins to prove to be an unwanted and unplanned distraction. Will either opponent succeed? Or will they stumble upon something deeper as they spend more and more time in each other’s company? An Improper Agreement is a dual pov, closed-door/clean, regency romance
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