Amelia’s Tears (Unlikely Convict Ladies)
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Parramatta 1828 – England 1840s

In the convict Female Factory, Amelia awaits her assignment. Forced to leave, she must face her worst nightmare. The man's foul breath and black teeth reflect his soul's darkness. From the outset, he is violent and abusive. Things get even worse over the next few months when Amelia discovers she is expecting a child.

A glimmer of hope arises when she hears from her brother, Jim, who has enlisted a friend's help to contact her. She writes to Jim, pouring out her heart and telling him of the horrors of her new life. He encourages her to stay firm in her faith. All she can do is pray.

When Ned, another of her brother's friends, comes into her life, things begin to change, yet challenges remain. How can Amelia forge a new life for herself? What man could possibly want her with her background and a child at her side? Can Amelia ever find true love?

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