Almost a Bride (The Brides Trilogy Book 1)
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From USA Today bestselling author Gayle Callen comes the story of a runaway bride who heals the mistakes of her past.

“A riveting, emotional read. It's 'Shakespeare in Love' meets 'Jerry Maguire.' I couldn't put it down!”
Cathy Maxwell, 
NY Times bestselling author

Roselyn Harrington ran from her arranged wedding to Spencer Thornton and into the arms of a man she thought loved her. Years later, when a wounded Thornton washes ashore on her island, his presence threatens her in more ways than one.

Spencer lies helpless, knowing that a Spanish spy plans to accuse him of treason—or kill him. He must return to London, but how can he leave, when his anger over Roselyn's betrayal is rapidly becoming passion?

(This book was previously published as 
His Betrothed.)

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