All’s Fair in Love & Vegas
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All’s Fair in Love & Vegas by Shannon O'Connor

Two strangers. One bed. A steamy weekend in Vegas & a wedding. Violet: All I need is for the damn stick to not turn blue. And for the wedding to go off without a hitch. But my best friend keeps trying to tell me he’s in love with me and I don’t know how to let him down gently. When the blue haired goddess catches my attention, I can’t help but wonder if she’s what I’ve been missing. Dakota: All I want is for my little brother’s wedding to go well. And maybe a nap. So when the hotel tells me all their rooms are booked, I’m about to lose it. That’s when the beautiful maid of honor swoops in to save me. Now all I want to do, is save her from herself. All's Fair in Love & Vegas is a FF only one bed, rom-com set in Vegas. All's Fair in Love in Vegas is apart of the Hot Vegas NightsSeries.
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