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Active by Lyla Andrews

Be warned: If you are looking for something with a strong plot and a drawn-out story, this is not it. If you’re looking for a shorter read full of tension and spice, you’re in the right place. Instant, sizzling attraction in this age-gap romance novella. Hot, sweaty, and tense. He’s helping her stay active in more ways than one . . . After a nasty breakup with her cheating ex boyfriend, Ivy feels hurt, used, and embarrassed, avoiding her one place of solace – the gym – in fear of running into him. But one day, she decides she will no longer allow her heartbreak to dictate her actions. When she returns to the gym, she feels immediate tension with the intimidating, stern, attractive man who happens to be the owner. He’s never spoken to her – until now. Despite an almost twenty-year age gap, Ivy and James can’t ignore the powerful attraction between them. But with Ivy and James’ one-time fling comes unexpected interference from her ex boyfriend and concern for the future. Could their purely physical relationship turn into something more?
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