Act Nice
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Act Nice by Millie Cauldron

A story about passion, care, fear of letting to feel, and honesty with yourself. Adam Carter is a pop star who must hide his sexual orientation and date girls because producers don’t want to lose the money fans pay for tickets. Adam is used to it, but sometimes he wonders if he will ever have a relationship with a man with whom he will be happy and open… His father Matt hires him bodyguards, and Adam again feels he can’t make a footstep without someone’s gaze and control. He annoys them as hard as he can just to express his anger and powerlessness. After an armed and then sexual assault, Adam experiences panic attacks and PTSD and wants one of the bodyguards, Wayne, to calm him down. But because of his lack of knowledge of how to express his true feelings and be honest, he constantly hurts Wayne again and again and makes things worse. Wayne doesn’t want to play with him – he wants to make Adam feel safe and cared for, but it’s not enough for Adam. He wants to be closer and dive deep into this love, not knowing that Wayne is not ready to let anyone touch his heart again. But at the same time, Adam and Wayne feel that this is the strongest love they've ever experienced, and they both obviously don’t want to miss it. They need to find a way of being honest and open about their feelings to be together.
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