A Wallflower for the Duke
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A Wallflower for the Duke by Ava MacAdams

“I will not fall for a man like him. I am only helping him find Natalie.” The Duke’s sister is missing. And while all evidence leads to the last person who was seen with her, Anne claims to know nothing about her friend’s disappearance. When William forces Anne to work very closely with him to find Natalie, her wallflower friends warn her against falling for the Duke’s charm. But even though Anne assures them that she would never lose her virtue to this arrogant and insufferable man, she can’t help but fall on her knees every time he kisses her… *If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then A Wallflower for the Duke is the novel for you. An enchanting regency romance of 60,000 words (around 300 pages), written by Ava MacAdams and published by Cobalt Fairy. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after. Pick up "A Wallflower for the Duke" today to discover Ava's fantastic new story!
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