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"The way I see it, we either go on a date or we take this somewhere private until neither of us can walk, get that out of our systems, and figure everything else out from there." "Um, I'm pretty sure you're missing a thousand other options, Gavin..." ______________________________ Gavin Knight is a cocky, arrogant jerk. He's only ever been with a girl for one night. No second dates. Ever. Sure, he can act nice when he wants something. And he's stupidly attractive, too. Please don’t even get me started on his body made of rock-hard muscles and sin, with that panty-melting bad boy smile that makes you want to... Enough! Now for the "fun" part - Gavin and I are reliving the same day over and over again. We've been trapped in a time loop for, um... way too long? We can do anything we want and nobody else remembers... ...Like when I leapt into his arms in the middle of the college cafeteria and we made out in front of everyone like our lives depended on it. Or, you know, that one night we accidentally, um... Look, that was a mistake. It didn’t mean anything. No one remembers anyways. Except for Gavin, and he wants to show me what it's like to keep giving in to my wild side. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? No one's going to remember... ...Except us. A Thousand Second Chances is a contemporary time loop romantic comedy series where the two main characters are stuck reliving the same day on repeat, a la the film, Groundhog Day. What do you get when one cocky bad boy meets the sassy good girl of his dreams with zero consequences to any of their actions? A Thousand Second Chances, over and over again...
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