A Secret Christmas (Amish Secrets – Book 7): Amish Romance
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Another novel in the popular Amish Secrets series from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann that you won't be able to put down!

Revisit Anna, Joe, and Harv from A Secret Encounter in this exciting sequel!

One Englischer's search for answers...
One Amish girl's fight for her life...
They both need a Christmas miracle.

When Candace Dixon discovers the truth of her past, she can't just continue on with life as usual in California. She needs answers. Does someone in Pennsylvania Amish country hold the key to the missing pieces of her life?

She never expected to meet a precious Amish girl she’d do anything to help, or a kind, caring widower with the keys to her heart.

Taylor Young is happy to help his Amish neighbors when their daughter falls ill. After all, Joseph and Anna Bender are always helping others. When he meets Candace, he sees the first woman he could love since losing his wife. But she and her family live across the country and she isn’t a believer.

As one little girl fights for her life, Candace must face the secrets of her past and decide if she will trust God with her future.

A Secret Christmas is an uplifting holiday romance full of faith, community, and inspiring characters guaranteed to fill you with the Christmas spirit.

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