A Royal Proposition
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A Royal Proposition by Tamara Gill

She’s all that stands between him and his dream. But maybe it’s time for a new dream… Princess Alessa is finally free. Now that her sister is Queen and their rightful place in Atharia is secure, she can embark on a Season in London and begin work to help the less fortunate. Or she could—if only her gruff, blunt, and entirely too handsome guard would stay out of her way… Rowan Oakley is on the verge of having the wealth and security he’s always craved. All he must do to earn it is kill the fiery, obstinate, and very enticing Alessa. It’s an easy assignment. Or it would be—if only he could keep his thoughts (and mouth) off his target… It’s not long before Rowan is caught between what he’s always wanted, and the prospect of a love he never expected. But in the end, is happily ever after even a possibility for a royal and the poor, former street urchin sent to kill her?
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