A Past to Forget
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A Past to Forget by Rose Pearson

A past relationship threatens their future. Can they clear his name and find happiness together? Miss Ellen Brooks has had no choice in her future husband. When her father arranges a marriage to Viscount Stafford, she does her best to be pleased with the match, even though she knows very little about him. But when her father becomes ill, Lord Stafford decides that there is no need for the arrangement to continue and publicly breaks the engagement, leaving her ashamed and confused. Viscount Leonard Stafford considers himself an honorable man. However, when a failing in his past comes back to haunt him, he realizes that in order to protect Miss Brooks, he must end their engagement. Broken by guilt and shame, he tries his best to avoid the lady, only to realize that he has begun to feel more for her than he anticipated. Will he be able to overcome his past mistakes once and for all? And will Miss Brooks ever forgive him should he tell her the truth? If you like gripping historical romance with period-perfect detail, then you’ll love this page-turning Regency romance. Grab your copy today! The Convenient Arrangements series tells the stories of ladies who manage to find love and a Happy Ever After amidst some difficult and “convenient” situations.
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