A Little Switch
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A Little Switch by Vanessa Brooks

What if your future destiny lies in another dimension? After experiencing some violent turbulence during a flight, Penny West suddenly finds herself in a strange new reality, one in which she has a husband… And he expects her to call him Daddy. When his wife claims not to know him and stern words don’t put a stop to what he assumes is her bratting, David Forrester realizes something out of the ordinary is happening. As different as she may be from the woman he remembers; one thing hasn’t changed about this new Penny. She still needs a firm, but loving husband to help her survive in this new topsy - turvy world. Finding no way to return to the world she knows, Penny decides there are worse things than having a distractingly handsome husband who knows how to make her weak at the knees. When David starts to take her to the next level will she, or can she resist her new charismatic husband’s advances? *Previously published as Claimed By Daddy* This book contains adult themes.
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