A Lady’s Scheme
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A Lady’s Scheme by Shannon Wiederkehr

A page-turning story full of romance and fun, A Lady's Scheme follows three friends on their journey to capture the hearts of the men they desire. Debuting isn’t always the magical experience it’s thought to be. Whether it’s a social calamity or forbidden love, this group of friends is having a difficult time finding their match and may need to hatch an audacious scheme to salvage the season. What could go wrong? Look inside to begin reading now! *A Lady’s Scheme is the amusing first novel in the Best Laid Plans series of historical romantic comedy. If you love historical romance with strong female leads, humor, hijinks, and romance, this book is for you. It's recommended for ages 17+ due to infrequent strong language and sexual situations. Interview with the author: Q. What makes the Best Laid Plans series so special? A. It’s a mixture of things, I think. I began writing this series for my friends, detailing what zany adventures our daughters might have had if they’d been alive during the Regency and Victorian eras, plus I wanted to create something I’d enjoy reading myself. I usually choose humor and intrigue, so you’ll see those aspects sprinkled throughout the series. I’m also a sucker for love triangles, second chances, enemies to lovers, strong female characters, and friendship as a whole, so if you can also show me character growth along with it, then I’m a happy reader. If there was a Historical Romantic Comedy genre, my books would fall into that category for sure! As the series progresses through the Victorian period and beyond, the characters change as do the plotlines whether it’s spies, criminals, amnesia, etc. but the strong female characters and hilarious antics continue on in a way that has been extremely entertaining to write. Q. What order should I read the books in? A. Great question! There are a few different options, actually. Book 2, A Lady’s Choice, is a prequel and can be read first, second, or even last, although I’d suggest reading it towards the beginning as those main characters pop up in quite a few of the first books peripherally. Book 4, A Lady’s Wedding can be read after book 1, A Lady’s Scheme, or you can wait and read it after book 3, A Lady’s Rake. The rest (so far) can be read in order. A Lady’s Scheme A Lady’s Choice (prequel) A Lady’s Rake A Lady’s Wedding A Lady’s Spy A Lady’s Refrain A Lady’s Prose A Lady’s Resolve A Lady’s Arrangement A Lady’s Remedy
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