A Fast Woman
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A Fast Woman by Laralyn Doran

She’s addicted to adrenaline. He always speeds to the top. When they face off over a career-making contract, will their chemistry hit the wall? CJ Lomax refuses to apologize for being herself. As a sassy-mouthed spitfire fighting for a slot in the male-dominated world of stock car racing, she can’t afford to show any cracks. But when a handsome stranger stops her from falling head-over-red-stilettos, the knowledge that he’s out to steal her ride sours the instant attraction. Grady McBane’s driving infamy comes with a side of bad-boy disgrace. But the charming rich scion is sure he can forge a new name for himself away from the Indy circuit, even if he’d rather watch his unexpectedly beautiful competition’s curves than those on the track. And he curses karma hard when he realizes his angry rival’s grit and ambition are his ultimate turn-on. As it dawns on CJ they’re being used as pawns by those gunning to see them fail, she tries to hide her growing feelings when they vie for pole position. And while Grady wears his heart on his sleeve, he struggles to make the focused fighter believe she’s more than a pit stop on his way to the podium. Will their fiery battle force love to take second place, or can they cross the finish line to happiness? A Fast Woman is the steamy first book in the Driven Women contemporary sports romance series. If you like charismatic characters, snarky banter, and turbocharged action, then you’ll adore Laralyn Doran’s race to passion. Buy A Fast Woman to give desire the green light today!
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