A Doctor Daddy for Christmas: A Dad’s Best Friend, Pregnancy Romance (Forbidden Doctors)
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My legs shook when I saw my dad’s best friend a decade later. And I could barely breathe when Callum touched me again after stomping all over my heart. To be fair, it wasn’t his fault. I was the boss’s daughter, and my overprotective father had warned him against dating me. And since I wasn’t in the mood to have my heart broken this holiday season, I only had one option. Shut him out. But the weather had other plans. My annual Christmas fundraiser got snowed in, leaving Callum and I to confront our grudges. We did all that... and a lot more. So much more that I had to rush to the grocery store and buy a pregnancy test. That news was sure to infuriate my dad. But Callum’s Christmas miracle was for the taking. If only he had met the three-month little old secret that I’d been keeping from him...
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