A Different Way
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A Different Way by Kathryn Shay

Can a firefighter who left a mundane life fit into a minister’s world? When Battalion Chief Lynn Lucas’ marriage turns cold and she’s sick of her inactive firehouse, she moves to Crystal City for more exciting calls and where the Sisters of Fire are employed. But then she meets a man who she’s immediately attracted to. Brady Jamison is a pastor at a liberal church in Crystal City. He’s also a widowed, single dad and a red-blooded, thirty-five-year-old man. It’s love at first site for Brady, too, but he’s keeping a mind-blowing secret. They live in different worlds. Lynne learns of his profession and rejects their relationship. She fights fires and helps her two kids deal with the divorce. Still, she longs for Brady. This Sisters of Fire support Lynne and love Brady. Their two adorable daughters insist on seeing each other and throw their parents together. All they need is a religious zealot who tries to sabotage Brady’s ministry. Are Lynne and Brady fated to be together or will she reject a minister’s life and leave them both miserable? Grab a copy of A DIFFERENT WAY soon. As one reviewer said, “This story was different than any other I had read before and I loved it. The hero was unexpected but a breath of fresh air. This was a story that was enduring and one I will read again and again.” Spunky N Sassy Blog
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