A Debt to Repay
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A Debt to Repay by Stacey Ortel

I owe them money, but he wants more. I thought I knew hardship, scraping by every day to shield my family from my father's crushing gambling debts. But being snatched by the mafia? That's a whole new level of terror. Suddenly, I'm surrounded by lavish splendor I've only dreamt of. Each glittering gem, each luxurious party, isn't a dream come true—it's a reminder of the deadly price on my head and my father's. Every whispered word holds a secret, every shadow a threat. And then there's Antonio. Older, with a dangerous allure that's impossible to resist. Every time our eyes meet, I feel a pull—a mix of fear and undeniable attraction. He's a riddle, a temptation, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny beacon of hope. Caught between two warring mafia factions, I'm the unwilling pawn in their deadly game. With both our lives hanging by a thread, I must navigate a world of treachery and passion, where every step, every decision, is a gamble with the highest stakes. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding journey of danger, desire, and dark romance. Dive deep into the shadows with 'A Debt to Repay'—where every turn is unexpected, and every page is irresistible. Claim your next obsession now.
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