A Date With The Devil

A Date With The Devil by Amani B. Clarke

Now, here’s an oxymoron for you. I’m at the Angels of Mercy Charity fundraiser, and I’m face to face with Tony. I can only think of four other people on this planet who hate me more. I killed her father . . . Despite fifteen years of separation, the undeniable tensions still linger. I have wanted to say something for fifteen years but haven’t had a chance. Well, here is my chance. I’ve dropped a million dollars on this auction just to secure a mandated, obligatory time with her. As per the rules of the game, she has to go on this date with me . . . she is bought and paid for. Imagine my shock when she turns up with three perfect imitations of Vlad the Impaler,Leona Helmsley, and Miranda Priestly—her brother Dick, and two sisters; Jenny and Lola. It’s a date I never saw coming, an encounter fraught with the weight of the past and a clash that will definitely shape our unpredictable future. Fifteen years of pain and suffering hover over our table. I certainly bit more than I can chew. I bought a date but got a collision of destinies, where redemption and retribution dance on a precarious edge. Who wins this one?
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