A Chance to Change
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A Chance to Change by Morgan Dawson

Myra Tiller has worked most of her life in her mother’s cafe in the small frontier town, Burchcreek, Wyoming. With her father working far away, sometimes she wonders whether she has a real family at all. While she enjoys her simple life, she sometimes feels like there is something missing. When tragedy strikes, she begins to understand that sometimes change is inevitable. Isaiah Colbert has a dark past and he’s afraid the secrets he keeps will destroy everything. Now living only for his little sister, to protect her and give her the life she deserves, he wishes he could erase the mistakes that haunt him. After a life-altering accident, he offers to help at the cafe with the belief that helping others will lead him to make up for his past mistakes. While Myra uses the power of her writing to come to terms with the hand life has dealt her, can she also convince Isaiah to forgive himself and move on with his life? Or, will the past continue to hang over them and threaten to destroy their chance for happiness?
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