Zoey: Dr. Richards’ Littles 1
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Could a job interview offer her all that she has ever dreamed of and a Little more?

After losing her mother, Zoey is forced to repay her overwhelming medical bills. An eternal optimist even while living in her car to save money, Zoey works hard as a waitress in a diner. There, she befriends a couple who act just a bit different from her regular customers. Through them, she learns that Dr. Richards is hiring a companion. The interview turns out to be the chance of a lifetime to change her life. Can she become the Little girl who he has been seeking for so many years? Will the good doctor be able to convince her that a Little risk can bring great rewards?

Zoey: Dr. Richards’ Littles was re-edited in 2018.

Addiction Warning: Pepper’s stories will touch your heart and may warm your bottom. While both sweet & spicy, the Dr. Richards’ Littles stories may contain more heat than some will find comfortable. Playing doctor with Dr. Richards can be an intense experience that borders on electrifying. The greatest risk, however, is developing an intense craving for more after reading just one. Proceed with caution.

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