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Worthy by Lia Black

A naughty Cinderella story about a young man who is less than a slave, and the Master who helps change him into something more. In a society ruled by the Aristocracy, Sev’s biggest dream is to become a slave—someone protected from a harsh existence in the ghetto, and cherished under his Master’s thumb. But being a slave is too high a calling for one as low as Sev. He is marked by both circumstance and features that are less than perfect. Demetrie, a bored and rebellious Aristocrat, “wins” the talented young acrobat through a game of cards and decides to take him home. Caught between Demetrie’s anger and his lust, Sev endures both punishment and pleasure for his Master’s approval, and soon he desires his love. But Demetrie is a Noble, tasked with carrying on his bloodline, and maintaining the rigid caste system he has grown to despise. What begins as Demetrie’s most outrageous self-indulgence quickly evolves into something he never could have expected. Content warning: This story contains explicit content of a sexual nature between men and is intended for adult readers. Contains M/s, (one instance of ) m/m/m, and mild BDSM. Written as part of the M/M Romance Group’s 2013 “Love Has No Boundaries Event”. This book is available for free download from the M/M Romance Group site and to members of the GoodReads M/M Romance Group. NOTE: All proceeds from the sale of this book before Amazon price-match go to the Ali Forney Center charity, which protects LGBTQ homeless youth in New York.
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