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Three Full Length Fun Romance Novels--What's Not To Love?
MAKE ME A MATCH--Chick Lit Romance--With A Touch Of Mystery
Eric Stewart can't believe his sisters would stoop so low.
He's sexy, dangerous and fancy free. He's about to turn forty, and his three sisters think it's high time he found a good woman and settled down.
Eric can't believe his meddling sisters have signed him up with the city's hottest matchmaking agency. The only way to get them a refund is to get himself rejected by every single applicant.
Tessa McBride is working for the matchmaker, and she and Eric have a history. He humiliated her when she was a shy, trusting girl. Well, she's not anymore. She vows to prove to Eric that she's more than a match for his schemes--and show him what he's been missing all these years. But there's more to this matchmaking business than Tessa every suspected.
CAN AN IMPERFECT PAIR RESULT IN A PERFECT MATCH--and maybe solve an intriguing mystery while they're at it?
Doesn't Every Woman Have A Sexy Alter-Ego??
On the telephone, Maxine Bleckner, frazzled single mother, is India Mcbride, voluptuous sex goddess in this fun romance.
Harry Watson is also a single, stay-at-home parent to his three-year-old daughter, Sophie. He's a freelance writer, and his latest assignment is to find out what telephone sex workers are really like. But all his preconceived ideas are wrong, wrong, wrong. India is nothing like he expected, but very much what he's dreamed of.
Is it possible to find the person of your dreams over the telephone?
In this humorous romantic mystery, Maddie's a private detective, her father's a retired cop, and her sister Francie's in love with criminal.
Francie wants Maddie to prove Sebastian's innocent, but the Seattle Police have proof that he's guilty. And who wants their sister married to a bad guy?
Sebastian's brother, Finn, has hired Maddie to find out the truth and set his brother free. Finn makes Maddie's blood boil and her bells ring--and she's truly, madly, deeply in love with his little daughter, Zoe. And she's pretty certain Sebastian is guilty as charged, so she’s trying her best not to find evidence to the contrary. She's doing the exact opposite of what Finn hired her to do, betraying the guy she—well, the guy she’s supposed to be working for, the guy she just might, maybe, almost be falling for. Maddie's parental units as well as the cops and the judge, all want Sebastian safely in jail, and Francie somewhere safe-like a nunnery? And they want Maddie to make it happen.Can a good honest detective play both ends against the middle without getting hoist on her own petard?
Author Interview:
What inspired you to write these fun romance novels?
I love reading about outrageous women, so I decided to create a few. The gals in these books are brave, quirky and--yes--outrageous. They're also just doing what all of us do, getting through their days as best they can, doing their very best--and of course searching for love.
I hope you enjoy them!
Book Length:
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