Wolf Cursed
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Wolf Cursed by Robyn Herzman

Fate brings them together, a curse keeps them apart. There’s been a series of murders in Thornewood Grove and there’s only one suspect: me. Humans have been killed in our little supernatural town, and for some un-Goddessly reason, the werewolves are pointing the claw at me. Oh, sure, blame the witch. Someone in the four quarters is trying to frame me, until my innocence is proven, the werewolf Alpha holds me captive in his estate. Rude. If found guilty, I could have my powers taken away, he could throw me in a dungeon or have me killed. My best bet is to work with the infuriating werewolf, Drake Sinclair. Even if I do want to taser his eyebrows off sometimes. As our undeniable attraction grows, I discover there’s more to the werewolf than his tall, brooding temperament. I’m no murderer, and he is perhaps not the villain (who is surprisingly good at baking) I’d always thought. Wolf Cursed is the first in the interconnected standalones of the Spells & Shifters series and features Calliope Thorne and Drake Sinclair. Each book will follow a different Thorne sister. These books are very slow-burn with spice at the end, and each has a HEA/HFN. They can be read individually. For fans of Juliette Cross and Kerri Maniscalco, Spells & Shifters features strong, badass FMCs, and brooding (but not alphahole) MMCs with cinnamonroll hearts, forbidden love, found families and happily ever afters.
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