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Witchblood by Lissa Kasey

Sparks fly as magic and fate collide Sebastian has always been the outsider, a fox raised among wolves. He's survived on his wit, magic, and instincts, but he's always on the run. That is until he meets Liam, the alpha werewolf, who’s commanding and powerful presence Sebastian cannot resist. There’s magic between them, a spark of something beyond a fox or a wolf; an awakening energy only fate could create. But their happiness is short-lived when Sebastian's dark past comes back to haunt him, unleashing a threat they cannot ignore. Together they face rogue wolves, fae monsters and even demons who threaten their newfound bond. Can they unite their different worlds and fight this evil force, or will their love be torn apart by the darkness that seeks to destroy them? Tags: About a contrary kitsune fox who happens to be mated to the most patient werewolf in the world while battling real demons and emotional ones at the same time. Lots of tea, pastries, gardening, wolf taming, sweet and spicy romance, and a dark backstory driving fated mates together. Updated to add short Epilogue about Nicky. Please update your file if you don't have the epilogue yet.
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