Willow Cove Series Bundle: Books 1-2
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Love crashes into the small beach town of Willow Cove in this newest collection of swoon worthy small-town love stories.

Forbidden Lover
A family tragedy brought Ella Moretti home. Seven years later, with her dreams still on hold, living with her grandfather and working in the family restaurant, she is stuck. Until, a handsome stranger on the bus makes her dare to dream again.

Unfortunately, his last name makes him completely off limits. Neither wanting to betray their family, they start a secret love affair, but when the past resurfaces and old feuds refuse to stay buried, Ella and Lucas have to decide if their forbidden love is worth the consequences.

Forbidden Lover is the first in a steamy and exciting series set in the beachy town of Willow Cove.

Small Town Girl:
Falling in love was never the problem.
At the request of her boss, Aubrey Allyn heads to Willow Cove, a small-town she knows too well. She plans to get in and get out as soon as possible, but when the man she needs to meet with turns out to be her ex, and the love of her life, she needs to figure out how to get him to agree to a feature in her magazine without losing her heart in the process.

After a life filled with ups and downs, Marco Moretti doesn’t surprise easily, until Aubrey shows up on his doorstep, practically begging him to agree to let her magazine feature his custom-made furniture. Knowing all that can come of working with Aubrey is heartache and despair, Marco declines.

Unfortunately, Aubrey never could take no as an answer. As Aubrey tries to convince Marco to jump on the opportunity, their past keeps getting in the way. In order for either to move forward they will need to stop running and finally face the demons of their past or risk losing each other forever.

Set in the coastal small town of Willow Cove, Small Town Girl is a second chance romance filled with hot chemistry, family drama and a love story that has spanned a decade.

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