Wild Shifter Christmas
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Wild Shifter Christmas by Anastasia Wilde

Limited Edition Holiday Sampler Bundle! Three complete Christmas novels, one from each of my most popular series! Plus, as a bonus, a Valentine’s novel from my Wild Blood Shifters series. These books have been previously published, and will be available in this sampler bundle for a limited time only! Bad Blood Wolf Jasmin is a cage fighting champion who thinks her jaguar will never bond with anyone. Brody is an outsider wolf from an enemy wolf pack, with dangerous secrets. When they team up to recover some stolen money, sparks fly—but it will take a Christmas miracle for these two loners to find a happily-ever-after… Phantom’s Mate Nick is the only member of his crew that doesn’t have a mate, and he wants one. Problem is, he’s a ghost, halfway between the spirit world and the real world, bent on avenging his own death. But when he meets another ghost trapped in a tiny corner of the spirit world with unfinished business, he falls for her hard. Nick will do anything to free Brittany—even if it means she crosses into the light on Christmas Eve and leaves him behind… Ignited Boomer, explosives and weapons expert, is fine with his life as an Outlaw Ridge operative: illegal missions, daring rescues, and blowing stuff up. But when a woman from his distant past tracks him down, asking for his help, it all threatens to come crashing down. Ten years ago, they saved each other’s lives, before she disappeared. Will Christmas magic be enough to help them do it one more time? Brock’s Mate It’s almost Valentine’s day, and everyone in Brock Reilly’s crew has a mate but him. Broken down, burned-out from trying to save out-of-control rogue shifters, he and his wolf are a mess. The last thing he needs is to witness everyone else’s newly mated happiness. But fate turns the tables and sends him one last out-of-control shifter, running from her past. Can he save her before it’s too late? And more important, can she save him back? Grab this fabulous bargain and settle in for some wild holiday shifter mayhem!
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