Wicked Moons
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Wicked Moons by Ruby Raine


Funny - Charming - Non-Stop Supernatural Trouble...

Charlie, Michael, and Melinda are the last three witches alive in their bloodline.

A werewolf with an over-the-top big brother complex.

An empath who wishes he could stay out of his sibling's love lives.

And a witch whose job it is to save people she dreams will die, but has a panic attack whenever she has to leave the house...

However, when she has a prophetic dream of Michael's should-be girlfriend dying, Melinda needs to act fast. But saving their friend means doing one of three things Melinda dreads:

Ask her brothers for help.

Ask the vampire she's crushing on hard, and who's off limits, for help.

Or worse, do it herself—but this means doing the hardest thing ever—leaving her house and stepping into the hectic, crowded, no-room-to-breathe tourist trap that is The Demon Isle...

And to make matters worse, the body of a dead tourist is found and the murder linked to a beloved, but deceased, family member of the Howard Witches. The three siblings and their long-time family friend and mentor, an aged vampire named William, launch a supernatural mission to prove their innocence or guilt.

They down their liquid energy—erm, coffee—nature's magic—and follow every clue, down into the very depths of the ocean and into the cave filled with frightful supernatural creatures. They have more caffeinated courage after rescuing a mysterious damsel in distress. Then visit the Wicked Muddy Café for well, more coffee, plus an earful of local gossip. Have a race with a ghost. Reveal a new magical power. Yet more coffee—because, is there ever enough when you're trying to solve a murder? And deal with an unexpected side-mission that blazes the trail of a new mystery, even more supernatural trouble, sparks a sizzling romance or three, has impossible levels of coffee drinking, and leaves their hearts both shattered and hopeful about their future as witches...

The magical struggle is real, folks. And it's just getting started.

** Wicked Good Witches is the Adult Edition of the Demon Isle Witches Series...

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