Wicked Moons
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Wicked Moons by Ruby Raine

The Rules of Being a Howard Witch: Bring new witches into the world to replenish the bloodline. Don't expect to live long enough to meet your grandchildren. And now, our parents are dead and we're the last three witches who can keep the family legacy alive. Only, I've been bitten by a werewolf so falling for a human is too dangerous. My younger brother's plans don't include being a witch—he wants a life without magic. And our little sister can't even leave the house without having a panic attack and is not-so-secretly crushing on our longtime family ally, a vampire who's sworn off love altogether. So, no pressure or anything. And like we need more problems – the body of a dead tourist has been found and the murder linked to a beloved and deceased family member. We must now embark on a supernatural mission to prove their innocence... or their guilt. This is going to require a trip to the café for a serious amount of coffee and the latest in local gossip, plus a whole heck of a lot of wicked good magic... ** Wicked Good Witches includes doors wide open shenanigans and strong language! (please see We Witches Three for the YA Edition of the Demon Isle Witches series for fade to black / closed door / sweeter romance). Volume 1: Wicked Moons Includes Original Books 1-3 Magic, Blood, and Bone The Fallen Shifter Mermaid Sisters Screaming
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