Wicked (Broken Chains MC Book 4)
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"Come on, Tiger. Claw me up."

Hawke doesn’t talk about his past—and it’s not because he has a stutter that rarely lets him speak more than three words at a time.

The shadows of what was haunt his every waking hour, but the Broken Chains MC have been a sanctuary he never expected.

And Hawke is the sort of man who knows better than to cross lines, especially when it comes to the safety of his brothers.

But when Jax, the VP of the Cobras, looks at him like he’s a whole man instead of shattered pieces of the person he was before he left his home behind, he can’t help but want to be just a little bit wicked.

Broken Chains MC is a Motorcycle Club Romance series best read in order. It contains dubious morality, mild violence, and happily ever afters.
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