Where The Sunflowers Touch The Sky
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She never thought she’d be that girl. The one who can’t decide—torn between two men.

Kylie Brennan had hoped a year away, on another continent, would be far enough and long enough to heal her pain.

No such luck. Nick Taylor is still gorgeous, still taken, and still breaking her heart. He’s her brother’s best friend, and her first everything. But he’s put her on the ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ list.

He’s moved on.

She should too.

Now that the devastatingly handsome movie star Jovanny Grotta has followed her home, she has every reason too.

She’s dusting the small town off her boots, swapping denim for designer, attending red carpet Hollywood premieres, and life has never felt so out of control.

Can she trust the actor, the self-proclaimed reformed playboy and forget about the jaded cop who isn’t as over her as he pretends?

The only thing she knows for certain; she loves them both.

And it’s more than just her heart on the line.

Someone is getting hurt.⚠ Someone besides her, and that realization is eating away at her soul.

A heart-warming small-town romance of second chances, tough choices, a quirky family, and paying it forward. It’s high angst, low heat with a happily ever after that won’t disappoint. This is book 1 of 3 in a spin-off series of ‘Callaghan’s Rescue’. Book 2 ‘The Night the Stars Fell Down’ is now available and book 3 ‘I Still Drive Your Truck’ just released.

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