Wedding Party (The Wedding Series, Book 2)
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❤ Always best of friends. Now best of lovers?
You are cordially invited to join the wedding celebration as college friends embark on the greatest education of all - falling in love, finding the perfect bride, and becoming the happiest grooms around...
Michael Dickinson is delighted to be best man at his friend’s wedding — but there’s one complication.
Tris Donlin.
Tris is a bridesmaid. He’s wanted her for longer than he cares to remember, but to her, he’s just good old Michael — college pal, confidant, best buddy. Would a few days of wedding celebration let him get her out of his system once and for all?
Her cousin Paul’s wedding party has Tris’s head and heart full of memories of college days with him, Michael, and their friend Grady. Grady was her college crush and Michael was her buddy. Now that they’re all grown up how things have changed.
She sees Michael with new eyes ... and a full heart.
She’s certain she’s found the best man for her … if only she can convince him.

Praise for Wedding Party
"Years of friendship and unspoken desires finally come to the surface. ... What to say about Book 2 but amazing." -- 5-star review
“Sweetly intense … with compelling characters.” -- 5-star review
"Fun, heartwarming." -- 5-star review
"Feels like they are REAL people that you could know." -- 5-star review
“Absolutely delightful … will make hard hearts believe in love again.” -- 5-star review

More 5-star praise for The Wedding Series
“A wonderful series that will make you laugh and cry. Each page is filled with love that will eventually come to the people who so need it. A must read!”
"Perfect. The characters were multi-dimensional and played off each other in warm, thoughtful, loving ways. Each couple faced a different situation and overcame their obstacles together and with the insightful comments of their friends. ... Heart-warming."
“Fun and serious all at the same time. Love how the friends intertwine and add new along the way. It was refreshing to read the different stories and having them all come together. Really enjoyed this series!”
“Full of warmth, understanding of human nature, and great characters. They are connected, following the lives of college friends, and by the time you are finished, you feel as if you are a part of their extended circle.... Definitely a feel good experience.”
"Great love stories! … Must read all books in the series! … I laughed and cried!”

The Wedding Series’ moving, passionate contemporary romances with a touch of humor will captivate you.

The Wedding Series
1. Prelude to a Wedding
2. Wedding Party
3. Grady’s Wedding
4. The Runaway Bride
5. The Christmas Princess
6. Hoops (prequel to The Surprise Princess)
7. The Surprise Princess
8. Not a Family Man (prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
9. The Forgotten Prince


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