We Are Not Angels
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We Are Not Angels by Nadine Little

Every monster has a weakness. Even angels. Maia loved dystopian video games but now she’s playing one for real in the streets of Edinburgh. Forced to survive a global purge as humanity’s punishment for abusing the planet, Maia dreams of fighting back. When she clashes swords with Hunter, an act of mercy grants her wish. A weapon that hurts them. A chance for rebellion. But that act of mercy also leads to a wounded Hunter on the floor of her refuge. Can a savage warrior angel from a culture of pain and dominance be tamed? Or is this one game Maia is destined to lose? If you like enemies to lovers, a brooding hero and the apocalypse, you’ll love We Are Not Angels. Read the first novella in the steamy paranormal romance series Warrior Angels and discover how far this angel has fallen. This book is written in British English and contains violence (including the death of small children, Papal assassination, and hacked and bleeding angels) plus sex scenes.
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