We All Have A Hell
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We All Have A Hell by Willow McQuerry

He’s a psychopath. For weeks I’d been waking up to dead bodies beside me. I told myself that they were hallucinations, but the truth was, my reality was a jumbled mess. It was hard to tell what was real and what was merely a product of my traumatized mind. They had to be hallucinations. I wasn’t a killer. But those bodies on my bed every morning had me fearing the police would take me and throw me in jail, despite the lack of blood on my hands. When I started a new position as personal assistant for the founding partner of Volkov Law Firm, I wasn’t prepared for the upheaval thrown my way. Everything changed the moment I laid eyes on Attorney Volkov. He was this mysterious, grumpy man who chased away my demons. A surprising feat considering I woke up to them every morning. He made me face them head on and feel brave for once, though I don’t think he realized it. But I ran from him when I found out he was the thing that terrified me the most. Dimitri Volkov wasn’t human. He was tenacious. When he set his sight on something, he didn’t stop until he had it. And he’d set his sight on me, even though I was the one thing he despised. Human. How could I find myself attracted to the very thing that terrified me? Did I have a death wish? Or did I unconsciously need to sink deeper into the depths of my schizophrenia? Was I really that far gone? Perhaps it was because he made me feel seen, feel brave. Perhaps it was because he’d somehow become my reality and the center of my universe. The one thing I knew to be real. His penchant for fucking someone to death was the only thing that stopped us from being together. But the one thing he didn’t realize we had in common was that when I wanted something, I got it. And I wanted him. Because he’s my psychopath. We All Have A Hell is a dark paranormal romance and horror romance. Please look inside the front of the ebook to read the author's note about what the book contains. This is a standalone novel with mental health representation (schizophrenia) in a paranormal world. *Edited September 2023
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