Wanting Alex
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Wanting Alex by Danielle Hart

When life throws you a snowstorm, why not let the two hot cowboys who run the ranch keep you safe and warm until it all blows over? Alex When a snowstorm has me stuck at King’s Ranch, I’m forced to acknowledge the attraction that has been building between myself and the two owners. I’ve been fantasizing about these two hot cowboys for months. They are completely off limits. I work for them. Nothing can happen between us no matter how much I want it too. Thomas and Declan We have only six months until our deadline is up and we have to honor an arrangement made by our parents to marry our childhood friend we don’t love or we lose our titles as Dukes. Except we’ve have our eye on the red-headed Vet from town. We knew from the moment we saw her she was the one. When she gets snowed in at our ranch, we finally have the chance to show her how deeply we want her in our lives. It’s going to take everything we have to prove to her that having both of us in her life is what she truly wants. Snuggle up with these two Dukes turned cowboys who are hot enough to melt the snow.
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