Wanted Protector
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Wanted Protector by Lacey Kendrick


Never sleep with a billionaire on the Mafia’s Wanted list. 

Especially if you get pregnant…

And they use your baby bump to catch him.


I’ve never been a fan of arrogant Ares.

And I should know better than to get involved with someone like him.

His billionaire-playboy’s hazel eyes and chiseled body had no effect on me.

Zero. None. I swear.


Yeah… I swore I’d never cross the line with a guy like him…

But I was dead wrong.

We shared a wild and crazy night…

Which led to unforeseen consequences.


But he’s a wanted man.

I don’t know what trouble Ares has gotten himself into.

And I don’t want to bind my life to his.

I refuse to remain at his penthouse, even for my protection.


So I run, not knowing I’m pregnant.

By the time I realize, the Mafia knows too. 

And they use my pregnancy to get to him. 


Now three lives hang in the balance. 

I know Ares will do everything he can to save us. 


I just hope it is fast enough… 

Wanted Protector is a Standalone novel. NO cliffhanging and NO cheating!

An Action—Spice & Steam—Twists & Turns—packed Romantic Suspense with, of course, an HEA!

Featuring a handsome billionaire who protects the woman he never thought he could love...

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