Violet Reverie: A Novel
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Violet Reverie: A Novel by Talbot Finch


Plagued by haunting visions and disembodied whispers, Nathan is banished from his family’s London home by his cold and impatient father, Viscount Hambleton. He spends months living in the Hambleton’s summer home without any companionship, save for the manor’s modest staff. Nightmares and strange occurrences continue to take their toll on his mind, until one day, the estate welcomes the arrival of its new groundskeeper—Peter.

Nathan and Peter become fast friends, and through their relationship, Nathan discovers a newfound sense of joy and self-acceptance. However, his fragile sanity is under threat. When night falls at the summer home, a ghoulish figure stalks the halls and haunts his dreams. What’s more, the ever-increasing pressure to conform to his family’s aristocratic image further eats away at his already frayed nerves. As Nathan’s feelings for Peter deepen and external tensions rise, he’ll have to decide between meeting his family’s expectations or pursuing his own heart’s desires.

Will he have the strength to face the challenges that lie before him? Or will the monster in the hall claim him for his own?

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