Vincent & Cira
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Vincent & Cira by M.E. Clayton

What happens when power and desire go to war? The fight of a lifetime. Vincent As the firstborn son to The Holy Ghost and The Church, Vincent Fiore had seen a lot. Raised to be the perfect blend of his father and mother, his place in the Benetti Crime Family was cemented in blood. There was also the fact that, not only was he the firstborn Fiore, but he was also the first child born of The Holy Trinity. Vincent helped raised his entire generation, and he took pride in that. Too busy with responsibility, Vincent isn’t looking for love. Though his parents’ love story is legendary, his focus was their legacy. So, when the unexpected happens and the next generation of the Benetti Crime Family is called into action, it’s the opportunity they’ve all been waiting for. Though Vincent is more than ready, he’s not ready for the surprising twist that knocks him on his ass. Cira As the only girl born to The Father of Morgan City, Cira Benetti wanted for nothing. She had the world at her fingertips and a father and three brothers who absolutely adored her. Even with all her crazy schemes to take over Morgan City, she was still respected and admired. However, every bit the Benetti heir, Cira was also spoiled and preferred the nail salon to the gun range. Too busy with living her best life, Cira isn’t looking for any complications. Though she could have anything that she wanted, her main focus is usually herself. So, when the unexpected happens and the next generation of Benetti Crime Family is called into action, she’s more than eager to be in the thick of things. After all, nail salon or not, she’s still a Benetti. Who would question her? When there are too many emotions warring all at once… Ready to do whatever it takes to secure his family’s legacy, Vincent’s emphasis is on the big picture and making sure everyone knows their roles and can execute them perfectly. However, he believes that Cira Benetti is a weak link, and he lets his very persuasive opinion about it known. Ready to prove what she’s capable of, Cira takes it as a personal insult when she’s sidelined because of the doubt in her skills, regardless of the fact that she’s a Benetti. With pride and anger as her sword and shield, Cira executes her own plan to go after their enemies, Vincent Fiore be damned. When the first Fiore son and the only Benetti daughter clash, the fireworks are not only sizzling, but they’re also as dangerous as you would imagine them to be. NOTE: This is not a standalone work. It is the first book in a continuous story that spans six books and can be considered a cliffhanger. *NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, violent, torture, and delicate subject matter. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.
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