Vanished (A Times Journey Novel Book 1)
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His mission is to kill the enemy. But how do you kill your soul mate?

The witches have been trying to kill Zak's vampire clan for centuries. But this time they might succeed. They've resurrected the witch that created them. Zak's determined to destroy all witches. Until he meets her. Cadence bewitches him, making him question his duty. But will his infatuation with her cost him his life?

Vampires have been killing witches for centuries. When Zak shows an interest in Cadence, her coven wants her to exploit it. Her mission is a success. She distracted him long enough for the witches to do a spell. The problem is they've both been sent back in time. Cadence has no choice but to trust him as they navigate this uncertain time, making her realize she may reciprocate his feelings. Worse, secrets begin to unravel, making her question everything she's been told. Can the two sworn enemies work together to find a way back to the present?

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