Vampire’s Kiss: A Vampire Paranormal Romance (Vampire Mafia Monsters Book 1)
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Immortals rule the night in my world.

They’re dangerous, deadly and occupy the darker side of our city across the river.

I was told stories about them when I was young.

How they prowled the city streets for prey, hiding behind Armani suits and expensive cars. I knew they were real…I’d just never seen them.

Now I’m standing face to face with the most dangerous of their kind, the leader of the Crown City blood-thirty hunters, a Vampire called Elithien.

A creature my father is about to make an ally.

My father, the head of the most dangerous Mafia families in Crown City is dying.

And he thinks these savage monsters will somehow protect me when he’s gone.

Elithien hunts me in the dead of the night, and corners me in a dark alley. He captures my wrists, pressing them against the wall over my head. He kisses me, whispering he wants to tell me the truth about my bloodline.

Only it’s a truth I don’t want to believe.

A truth that will unravel everything I know.

But running from him won’t save me.

Nothing will…

Because these monsters like the chase.

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