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Unraveled by Amy Knupp

Nothing unravels a fake relationship faster than real feelings… Chloe Holden Henry’s my best friend. I’m also hopelessly in love with him. In a big, unrequited way. So, when he offered a marriage of convenience to keep me from losing out on a career-making opportunity, I should’ve refused. But I didn’t. Now, I have to squash all the silly, romantic fantasies I’ve ever had about Holden. Because there’s no way a happily ever after ending is in our future…right? Holden A fake marriage seemed like the perfect solution to both our problems. Chloe’s career would get the boost it needed, and I’d get funding for my own business venture. It was a win-win. But that’s when it all started to…unravel. Because I started asking myself questions I shouldn’t. Was Chloe always so beautiful? So sexy? So…everything? All I know for sure is that if I can’t keep my feelings in check, there’s no way we’ll make it out of this marriage with our friendship (and my heart) intact… Unraveled, book 1 in the Henry Brothers series, is a light, small town, friends-to-lovers contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. It has a little humor, some spicy times, and plenty of emotional, heartwarming moments. Download today and watch Holden and Chloe stumble heart first into their HEA.
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