Two A Day
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Two A Day by Lauren Blakely

What I should do as the new quarterback in Los Angeles: Win games. What I shouldn’t do: Try to win over the sexy, sassy, fiery woman who works in the VP suite for the team. I don’t always follow the good guy rules though, especially when I want to take her home. Again. Then up against the wall. Again. Then, out to breakfast the next morning. Maybe I can get away with sneaking over to her home for a few late-night plays. Then the team management blindsides me with this twist – she’s now in charge of managing my reputation. But the play I don’t expect is this – the more time I steal with her, the more my heart wants to rip up the rules. And that’s a real problem for my job on the field. Contents include: s-e-x hacks, text snafus, bedroom dares, major league dirty talking, and twists you won’t see coming in this sexy sports romance.
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