Twisted Therapist
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Twisted Therapist by Mahi Mistry

He is her first love. She is his best friend's little sister. Will a chance reunion lead to true love? I was a good girl. An honor student. A dutiful daughter, sister and a sweet girlfriend to my boyfriend until I found him in my best friend’s bed. I didn’t want goody-two-shoe nice boys who gave me empty promises. What I wanted was a man who wouldn’t hurt me. When I found my brother’s best friend, Aiden Stone, with only a towel around his hot Greek body dripping wet from a shower, I decided that what I wanted, what I had been wanting for years, was him. The only problem? He is a decade older than me, my brother’s best friend, a therapist who wants to counsel me and... he likes to hurt little girls like me. Twisted Therapist is an age gap brother's best friend forbidden romance. It is the first book in the new adult sweet, steamy and forbidden Dominating Desires Series. If you like raw emotions, age-gap romance, passionate HEAs with sizzling hot scenes, then you’ll love Mahi Mistry’s Dominating Desire Series. Buy Twisted Therapist to start the sweet forbidden romantic series today!
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