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True North by Robin Huber

From this "fantastic storyteller" comes a heart-wrenching love story about soulmates, second chances, and finding your way home (Melanie Harlow, USA Today bestselling author). It’s been eight years since the moment that changed Olivia Dalton’s life. Gabriel North was her first love—her only love. But an accident shattered their world, leaving Gabe with a serious injury and Liv with a broken heart. In the years that followed, Liv left their small coastal town in Georgia and began her career in North Carolina. But she often feels like a stranger watching the woman she’s become drift farther and farther from the girl she used to be. Now, confronted with a decision and a future that seems more uncertain than ever, Liv can no longer ignore the hole in her heart that’s been quietly aching for years. The only way to move forward is by going back—back home to face the love she left behind.