Trip Me Up
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Trip Me Up by Michelle McCraw

A farmboy and a techie meet up on tour. They couldn’t be more different. But together, they’re hotter than an overclocked computer chip. I didn’t mean to bring my dog to my mother’s stuffy fundraiser. Okay, I might have needed the excuse to get back to my artificial intelligence research, but I never meant for Bilbo Baggins to escape. And I really didn’t count on a sexy lumberjack rescuing my lactose-intolerant dog from the Gorgonzola. Then one thing led to another, and Bilbo and I are on the lumberjack’s - Niall’s - book tour, pretending to have written the novel that my research project spat out by mistake. The only thing that’s not pretend is how our clothes fly off every night. Nope, that’s all too real. And even though I insisted on a no-strings fling, the smolder in those hazel eyes means he wants more. Now he’s calling me his muse, and it’s too late to tell him my secret. Because the whole world knows. Fall in love with this opposites-attract, road-trip romantic comedy featuring a geeky heroine, a sexy farmboy writer, and a limelight-stealing dog. Trip Me Up can be read as a standalone.

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