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Treasure by Marleigh Kassidy

One caged woman. Three burglars with a secret. A night that will change our lives forever. I was living a half-life existence, caged by my uncle and frozen by my fear, until one night, three men break in, snap the shackles trapping me, and steal me away. But my freedom comes at a price. Isaiah, Shep, and Patten didn’t choose my house at random. They have their secrets, as I have mine, and if I want to survive, they can never learn them. Now I’m an innocent woman in a house filled with three lonely men. Men who stare at me with heated looks. Men who haven’t known a woman’s touch in so long. Too long. I can’t give them my secrets, but I want to give them something else. Me. Treasure is a sweet & steamy fast-burn RH paranormal romance. Suitable for mature readers 18+.
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