Trapped in Time: A Historical Time Travel Romance
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On the day she and her mother escaped her cruel father, Emma Washington vowed to never fall in love. 

Now, Emma is a back-to-school PhD student with bigger and better things to worry about. That is, until one night--exhausted, slightly tipsy, and on her way home from a party--the glaring white light of a car comes crashing toward her, changing her life forever. Instead of waking up in a 21st-century hospital, she finds herself waking up in the backwaters of London, Victorian England, 1881… 

Trapped in a time where everything she once knew is considered witchcraft, Emma discovers that Victorian London is a harsh world for a woman without wealth or status. She faces yet another life-changing twist when she learns that her only chance of survival depends on the very thing she has tried to avoid her whole life—marriage. As if that isn’t bad enough, she must betroth herself to none other than the most powerful duke in all of England, the notorious and feared Lord William Blackwell. 
But…what begins as a fight for her life might just become a chance to find true love.

From the Author: 
Thank you for considering Trapped in Time. If you love time travel romances, marriage of convenience/rags to riches stories with aristocrats, sexy dukes, sizzling passion with steamy love scenes, and strong heroines, you'll love this tale of kindness, friendship, and true love.**

**Trapped in Time is the first book in the Time Travel Romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. The second book in the Time Travel Romance series, A Modern Lady Lost in Time, is also available here on Amazon (ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited). 
Book 2: Before her mother can marry her off, proper Victorian lady Isabella slips forward in time to modern Philadelphia — where she not only discovers a dark secret about herself but also a surprise romance with gorgeous Army veteran Liam. A swoon-worthy romance!**

Time Travel Series (Historical Romance Novels)
1. Trapped in Time (available on Amazon)
2. A Modern Lady (available on Amazon) 
3. An Outlawed Heiress and Her Duke (available on Amazon)

Enemies to Lovers Series (Contemporary Romance Novels)
1. Inheritance with a Catch (available on Amazon)
2. Daughter of Secrets (available on Amazon)

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