Toughened by the Monsters
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Toughened by the Monsters by Charlotte Fox

Embark on an enthralling journey with Selena, a tenacious journalist, in the 10th mesmerizing book of this Paranormal Reverse Harem series. Returning home for her best friend's celebration, Selena's weekend takes an unexpected turn when old enemies confront her. In the middle of this unsettling situation, she finds an unlikely rescuer in the mysterious Carl, who promises her a night of passion. But Selena's adventure takes a terrifying turn after she leaves. A journey through past memories, including her old school and the haunting figure of the headmaster, forces her to confront the shadows that have long lingered in her past. Terrifying and challenging, this unexpected odyssey becomes necessary for Selena to face her deepest fears. Toughened by the Monsters promises an electrifying addition to the series as Selena transforms into a resilient and tougher woman. In this captivating tale of love, monster desire, and the supernatural, readers will witness Selena's courageous journey through the echoes of her haunted past, guided by the enigmatic Carl and fueled by the necessity to overcome the demons lurking within. Toughened by the Monsters is the 10th book in my erotica Paranormal Reverse Harem Series. Click on the link above for a cheek peek.
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